The WKT PostGIS raster code is now part of PostGIS trunk. Quick install instructions (from PostGIS sources):

  1. ./configure –with-raster
  2. make
  3. make rt-all
  4. make install
  5. make rt-install
  6. createdb <your_database>
  7. createlang plpgsql <your_database>
  8. psql -f postgis/postgis.sql -d <your_database>
  9. psql -f spatial_ref_sys.sql -d <your_database>
  10. psql -f raster/rt_pg/rtpostgis.sql -d <your_database>

UPDATE 1 (2010-10-22): With the last release (r6095) it’s an easier process:

  1. ./configure –with-raster
  2. make
  3. make install
  4. createdb <your_database>
  5. createlang plpgsql <your_database>
  6. psql -U <your_user> -f postgis/postgis.sql -d <your_database>
  7. psql -U <your user> -f spatial_ref_sys.sql -d <your_database>
  8. psql -U <your user> -f raster/rt_pg/rtpostgis.sql -d <your_database>

In case your user requires a password, add -W as psql flag, and you’ll be prompted for the password. Further information in README.postgis and README.raster files.

And of course, I’m working on GDAL PostGIS Raster driver. I’ll add the new specifications ASAP.

UPDATE 2 (2010-10-21): New version of the driver committed to repository.  Now its name is postgisraster, instead the old one: wktraster. Further information in the link above.