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If a pregnancy fails, the mother can retry when conditions improve. The only difference is that humans have an uneven and asymmetrical pair of lungs, allowing for a cardiac arch in the superior lobe of the left lung. Definitive Additional Materials. Overall, Sith are bigger and heavier than humans. The most common example is how adult female Sith will release a particular pheromone during estrus and nearby Sith males will ignore it and go about their day. A human pregnancy lasts around 56 standard weeks and a Sith pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. Loyal, respectful, and staunch.

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Records show that a particular human Jedi was able to live up to years, and our great Emperor has been alive for more than may he reign forever. Loyal, respectful, and staunch. It is not only physical stress that can affect a pregnancy, but mental and emotional as well. If a pregnancy fails, the mother can retry when conditions improve. Smell The olfactory bulb is two to three times as large in Sith than it is in humans.

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I'll be back in about a half hour with more approvals for you guys :) Hold tight.
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It was a good game. State gets total respect, they lost key players and still won. The suspension issue is an argument, but not really. The better team won
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Given the lower brain function, especially in the front part of the brain, men tend to be more impulsive than women. They tend to have more affairs and tend to say things without fully thinking it through and often find themselves in hot water. Women also lie, but they get caught less. One reason, as I mentioned earlier, is that women have better access to the right hemisphere and thus read social cues better than men. They notice the small things, like looking away or down or clearing your throat, that are typical in people who are not telling the truth. Since men tend to be in denial a lot of the time, they do not see when their partner is lying.
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